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Claims of Copyright Infringement

The UberGames website, and by extension, a number of UberGames projects feature content that may be copyrighted by third parties. In each case, extensive research was undertaken to ensure proper authorisation and/or conformance with any applicable licenses or agreements has been undertaken to distribute said content. UberGames respects the intellectual property rights of others and endeavours to ensure that its presence online only helps contribute to, rather than be a detriment to third party endeavours.

If you are the owner of any content hosted by UberGames Files, or of any content in use by an official UberGames project, and feel that use of this content is infringing your intellectual property rights, then you may notify us and request it be removed.

In the case of a copyright infringement notification, please provide the following information:

  • A clear description of the infringing material and its location on the UberGames site.
  • Your contact details, including name, phone number and email address, so we may contact you.
We may also ask you to supply verification that you are indeed the copyright owner of said content.

Copyright notices may be submitted via the UberGames Contact page.

More information about US copyright law may be found on the United States Copyright Office site.