Elite Force: RPG-X

Space. The final frontier...

RPG-X is a modification for the game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch. The idea behind the mod is to allow fans to step into the Star Trek universe and interact with other people in the Star Trek setting. Using RPG-X, people can step onto a starship and act out stories in a similar style to the Star Trek TV series. In the RPG-X universe, you are a member of a crew on a starship, and only your imagination is the limit.

The RPG-X modification was made to enhance the experience in the Q3-based Star Trek Voyager Elite Force engine despite the fact it was originally a death match style game. RPG-X brought forth a multitude of new features, all in the goal of making the experience more believable as well as entertaining.

As of RPG-X2, notable features include:
  • A fully customizable character model system with full-body animations
  • A comprehensive emote system using animations from EF Single Player
  • Additional mapping entities and features to make levels more interactive
  • A set of innovative maps built right in to get you going off the bat.
  • A completely revamped UI, with all roleplaying controls exposed.

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  • Initial Release
    5th April 2005
  • Latest Version
  • Type
    Game Mod
  • Platform
    Windows, Mac, Linux